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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
. a medical miracle. a woman as part of her skull removed and stored in her stomach. arnold schwarzenegger's did you about the affair that ended his marriage. the start of a special series to help to tackle life's everyday problems when we get started on a monday morning. >> 50 degrees at the airport. >> we'll take a last look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start before you head out to start your day. number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. >> we are waiting for sarah. >> i am sorry. >> note running in the studio -- no running in the studio. >> we have some problems. sou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1